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Who we are and what we want


The Black and Yellow Forum is the movement of the declared Central European monarchists. Founded in Austria in 1993, our organisation regards itself as a platform for all those democrats, who ,,are in favour of a union   of the successor states to Austro-Hungary, having equal rights as -well as a common currency, common policies of defense and foreign affairs and a head of state standing above nationalities and parties, and wish Austria to be a member.

Furthermore, our association intends to promote by exclusively democratic means the idea of the constitutional, democratic monarchy, as it exists e. g. in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain or Belgium, and to engage in informing the citizens of Central Europe about this objective. By this, we intend to initiate a referendum about the future political shape of Central Europe in Austria and all other countries concerned. Until then we are working for the dissolution of nationalistic patterns of thought and the strenghthenig of the Central European identity of Austria." (wording of the articles approved)

We want the Central European democracies, which are partly still very young, to be protected be a common crown. In this context, the Habsburg dynasty, with which Central Europe has been associated over many centuries, can not be passed by.


Unity in Variety


The connection between the Central Euopean countries found its expression both in economic and cutural commonalities, which have been shaping the Central European area to a considerable degree until today. Somebody travelling from Vienna to Budapest, Prague or Zagreb, will find musical and literary as well as culinary  similarities  in  various  cultural institutions, from theatres over opera houses to cafés.

But also in the field of economy, common structures  like railway lines, roadworks, industrial plants and trade between the crown lands, contributed to the growing wealth of the citizens of the Habsburg Monarchy.


The Future


Central Europe should be revalued as a completion and alternative to the European Union. Those economic structures and cultural links being centuries old between the peoples of Central Europe shall be revived for the benefit of all. Therefore it is our goal to make the borders between the states of Central, east Central and southeast Central Europe more transparent.

The citizens of Central Europe shall put that which unites them above that which separates them!

Furthermore, one of our main concerns is the strenghtening of the individual's independence and self-responsibility as well as supporting humane, clear structures in the fields of state and economy.




The Black and Yellow Forum organizes lectures, discussions and excursions in the entire Central European area. We also take public relations seriously: Letters to the editor, establishing contacts with people of different social circles and the presence in internet-newsgroups are also part of our activities.


Our Library


Our members have access to a multilingual library which at present counts more than 400 books on mostly political and historical subjects. Book donations welcome!




Everybody sharing our ideals can become a member of the Black and Yellow Forum - the foundation of branches outside of Austria is being prepared! Already now, our movement has members and supporters in various Central European countries, and even in America. (Membership fee in Europe: EURO 20.- per year; membership outside Europe: EURO 25.-)

So, why not join us? Our address is:


Black and Yellow Forum, Ruckergasse 6/11, A-1120 Vienna


telephone: +43 699/815 604 30


E-Mail: SGForum@hotmail.com


Bank account in Austria:

PSK (bank code 60000) 920 31 283, IBAN: AT946000000092031283, BIC: OPSKATWW